A super-creepy dream I had a while back.

This is the more serious illustration for that Lord of the Rings readthrough that I mentioned.

Last week was the run-up to the first-stage Horizon 2020 funding call deadline. I also had sole toddler care responsibility (Chris was in Canada). So this is semi-autobiographical. I can confirm I would score well at Question 5.

An experiment in branching writing/typography (one of rather a lot of them, but this one was finishable today and I’m trying to clear out half-finished stuff)

These were going to be script illustrations for a readthrough of the Lord of the Rings radio script that some excellent friends are putting on later this month - except that I forgot that the request was for black and white illustrations and these rather need some yellow. So I did a serious illustration instead, and I’ll just leave these here.

(Nearly) all art materials were subsequently eaten.

We wrote a song for Alice for her first birthday, back when she was particularly fond of the word ‘bear’. That is to say, we thought about writing a song when she was 11 months, finished it when she was about 14 months, and have only now (at nearly 18 months) got around to doing anything else with it. I did the words and Chris did the music, although it turns out there’s more collaboration in both directions in song-writing than I was expecting. The sheet music is here. It is about a bear who would rather like either some introvert time or a poo or both, depending on your interpretation.

Above is a video of us singing it to Alice, and Alice ignoring us, because it was take 2 and look! This book has hens in! (she was totally into take 1, but it turned out to be in an Unfortunate Key).

…and the second part. Including a photo of the assembled board book in action! (Alice was slightly nonplussed)

A board book for Alice’s first Christmas. The idea is to possibly make this a yearly tradition (hence being number 1 in a series). This is part 1, second part to follow… 

For some reason I felt like doing a tube map of the shipping forecast in the shape of a cup of tea. Radio 4 Britain, you’re welcome. [NB. before anyone says this, I do know that Finisterre was renamed, but I don’t care; and I know that this would make a lousy transit system in reality, but looking a bit like a cup of tea came first]